Trev Williams is available for commissions, although he is mainly busy with other things all forms of composition still considered. Including songs, instrumental music, jingles. Email for more information or to request a quote

Works undertaken:

  • Laura - song for Laura's birthday
    I had Trev do a "25" birthday song for my best friend, Laura. Laura and I were in the car when I gave the song as a birthday present to her and we held hands and cried while listening to the song. Trev is brilliant to work with!

  • Only we know - song for birthday
    I am blown away by the music for my sisters CD. I am moved to tears listening to it. I dont have the words to express how I know she will love it - you are truly talented. Thank you so much

  • Rachael - song for wedding

  • Keep on Smiling, music to a poem by Howard Baker in memory of Daniel Purnell.
    "overcome by it, the whole idea - conception, production and music!"

  • Two Meal Ted, A song for Grandad

  • InterAction jingle, for use on the taped version of the magazine

  • So Peaceful, a piece written for relaxation and resting Z Williams, Sleep count: 4!
    available on the Still Friends charity CD

  • Here is me, music written to poem by T Perkins
    "already! you are so prolific right now!"

  • Do You Remember, music written to lyrics by G Davies
    "wow man got the CD today I love what you did with it! thank you!"

  • Happy, Happy Birthday, short song to celebrate birthdays. commissioner: K Blyth
    "Trev you are a total hero, artiste, magician. CD is perfect, quite perfect."

  • Instrumental Jingle for use on Calibre's Talking Youth Magazine. L Downey

  • Still Friends, a song written to a poem by Carli Barry who suffered from severe M.E. S Barry

  • There is a green hill far away, new music to the popular hymn for St. Johns Cathedral Choir, Salford
    M Barry

  • Instrumental music to be used on Manchester TV station (Channel M)

  • Instrumental music and sound effects for BA Media students in salford. Lois

To listen to examples of commissioned work send an Email to
Bullingdon Gig, Oxford


Trev Williams Music
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