I have played many shows including Weddings, Pubs, Venues, Festivals, Bars, Cafes, Charity Events, Churches, Halls.. I've played alongside big up and coming names in Oxfordshire and Manchester, and also have promoted nights in aid of MIND MUSIC IN MIND. A virtual gig is currently on the news page also!

Recent Gigs include : Restore - Littlemore mental health summer picnic 12noon
Art Jericho, Cowley Road Carnival, Riverside Fringe Stage.

I post forthcoming shows on the Facebook page do have a look!

Forthcoming gigs and shows

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Do keep an eye on twitter feed for up to minute gig news and open mics

NB If you book a date please make sure it appears on the list above.. private functions wont list address. I've stopped using myspace for listing as it has too many adverts!!