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Sing and Run Every Day MARCH 2021

I am singing EVERY DAY and running 5k for Oxford FOOD HUB! please click the llink to donate anything you can and follow my YouTube for the videos!


I may have rescued a swan from a frozen lake! links online and here :


Beginner Guide to Chess!

Beginner Guide to Juggling and mental health!


Read in the paper HERE

Oval Marathon for Climate Change

So on 16 March 2019 I decided to run a marathon on my local roundabout!..

Dyslexia Codpast

UPDATE : I will be giving a short talk in London University, about Dyslexia in Dyslexia Awareness week November 2014

Thank you to everyone who came to University Parks to Support Dyslexia Research Fun Day! I recorded a podcast last month in London, its not officially released till August but you can have a listen here, its about my experience of Dyslexia and possible links to Mental health. I would be interested in any feedback also as I am trying to research this a bit in my spare time :)

Dyslexia Newsletter

The 2013 newsletter for Dyslexia Research Trust containing some really interesting stuff about the Oxford-Kobe Symposium, 'How does musical intervention affect literacy acquisition?' and a short mention of me is out now : CLICK HERE for the PDF to read.

Oxford Mail interview

I was interviewed for the Oxford Mail, you can read online it: here!

Interview on BBC OXFORD

I was talking on BBC radio OXFORD on Wednesday (9th May 2012) about Wittstock festival, My music and my links to Oxfordshire MIND.

listen again on iplayer this week : or here

There may be even older media links on the site if you want to search them out!