Keep Singing- lyrics

1. Happy Song
2. You Cut We Bleed
3. In The Dark
4. Keep Singing

Happy Song

You may be the star of your own show
With a perfect life and a glowing soul
Or you could be the lowest one of all
In a cardboard box with nowhere to grow

ThereÕs always a happy song
You just got to find the right one
ThereÕs always a happy song

You may build a bridge or knock one down
With your humble voice, or your EGO crown
You could sing the words but hear no sound
Or believe youÕre fine when youÕre going to drown

You could be a mother just for fun
Or a helping hand to another one
You could be the father of that son
Or a true lost soul with a loaded gun

You Cut We Bleed

You Cut. . . We Bleed . . .
We Don't believe its impossible,
We Don't believe it at all
There's still a few of us hanging on
(We can't be wrong)
Do You Start the fire??..

In the Dark

In the dark
I cannot find the door
Into the light that makes me
YouÕre in my heart donÕt break me

But please donÕt let me down
Please donÕt throw me to the ground, cos
IÕve been here before
IÕve been here before

Your singing to me, (canÕt you see?)
It sounds so sweetly, (canÕt you see?)
If youÕre stuck in the past donÕt meet me, (canÕt you see?)
And if IÕm out of line correct me, (canÕt you see?)

CanÕt you see?
WhatÕs in me..

Keep Singing

Blackbird singing in the dark
Falling like a star but singing like a lark
Beating like a drum
You're not the only one
Who's sad when there's no sun
Who's sad when there's no-one
To listen to your song

Keep singing
Keep singing
Keep singing your song

Going round in circles flapping wings
The stupid little things
That keep you up at night
There's nothing that it brings
I don't believe it's right
But I can't stop this fight
Without you.. so


All lyrics are copyright Trev Williams 2011