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Veganuary 2021

Rose Hill Runners Christmas lights 2020

Time to Talk : Triggers

Beginner Guide to Chess!

Beginner Guide to Juggling and mental health!


Read in the paper HERE

Oval Marathon for Climate Change

So on 16 March 2019 I decided to run a marathon on my local roundabout!..


I've made a series of videos on mental health in line with TimeToTalk and I lead a discussion at Tandem Festival. I hope you find them interesting

Time to Talk : Triggers

#timetotalk World Mental Health day 2020

What is Mental Health?

What is Paranoia?

What is Depression?

World Mental Health Day - Interview

I was interviewed about The Only One, The Start Line album and my experience of mental health for Channel 7


Rose Hill Runners Cowley Road Carnival

We took part in the carnival again this year, July 2016, and were in the Oxford Mail!

Rose Hill News Feb 2016

Talk/performance on Dyslexia and Mental Health

Click HERE for the research paper and diagrams used in the Talk. (the ones with lines from A to B) feedback welcome!

Open MIND GIG/TALK at East Oxford Community Centre JAN 2015
Open MIND - East Oxford Community Centre, Mental Health awareness fundraiser, 25 Jan 2015

Rose Hill Runners

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Dyslexia Codpast

UPDATE : I will be giving a short talk in London University, about Dyslexia in Dyslexia Awareness week November 2014

Thank you to everyone who came to University Parks to Support Dyslexia Research Fun Day! I recorded a podcast last month in London, its not officially released till August but you can have a listen here, its about my experience of Dyslexia and possible links to Mental health. I would be interested in any feedback also as I am trying to research this a bit in my spare time :)

Dyslexia Newsletter

The 2013 newsletter for Dyslexia Research Trust containing some really interesting stuff about the Oxford-Kobe Symposium, 'How does musical intervention affect literacy acquisition?' and a short mention of me is out now : CLICK HERE for the PDF to read.

Oxford Mail interview

I was interviewed for the Oxford Mail, you can read online it: here!

Interview on BBC OXFORD

I was talking on BBC radio OXFORD on Wednesday (9th May 2012) about Wittstock festival, My music and my links to Oxfordshire MIND.

listen again on iplayer this week : or here

There may be even older media links on the site if you want to search them out!


these are Articles/papers I have written and am working on, comments welcome

MENTAL HEALTH : Transient Shift around Thought, Balloons and Bricks

April 2015, This is a first draft, I do welcome any feedback as I finish it!
Click HERE to read it.

Everyone has Mental Health.. including you!

Thanks to friends and MIND for giving feedback,
Click HERE to read it.

Links mental health and Dyslexia DRAFT

I started researching this, and welcome feedback when I get time to continue
Click HERE to read it.