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Panto! Music sheet



I've been asked to be Musical Director for the Florence Park Panto in Oxford! This takes place on the 24th, 25th, 26th, January 2019. It's Robbin Hood! More Details to follow! Click here for updates PANTO


School and private tuition restarts week commencing Monday 10th September. I have just sent out a parent mail, if you don't get one please drop me a message.
For more tuition information click on the tab to the left!

Its Coming Home, Guitar Tuition Video


I've made a series of videos on mental health in line with TimeToTalk and I lead a discussion at Tandem Festival. I hope you find them interesting

What is Mental Health?

What is Paranoia?

What is Depression?

Oxford Folk Festival LIVE

Start Line Tour interview

Cockroach - The Start Line - Joggling


SONGS and RIFFS Compilation

My students picked their favourite songs to play this week on guitar.. Download the worksheet HERE TABSandSONGS2018.pdf


Training has begun to run Manchester Marathon, to raise money for ABOB, Restore, Oxfordshire MINd. To have a read, or donate please click here :

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Happy New Year!

Tuition restarts Thursday 4th January 2018

Happy Song

Half Term BUGS, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells

Here is the half term sheet if you lost it! more info and tuition videos under the TUITION TAB HalfTermWinter2017.pdf

World Mental Health Day - Interview

I was interviewed about The Only One, The Start Line album and my experience of mental health for Channel 7

The Only One

Thank you to everyone who took part in the video!
This one is released for World Mental Heath day 10th October 2017

The Start Line Video


The Start Line - SPOTIFY!

Apple Music

The Start Line - SPOTIFY!

Sudent Songs

Well done to Students who sat Grade Exams last term! here are 2 recordings from grade 1

Lily Euan Tom - Cape Cod Girls

Charlie - Samba Ole

Thank you to Longworth School! I finished teaching there last term here is a recording of Stitches

Anna Lara Chiara Molly - Stitches

Last term students had a go at song writing!
I was impressed by all of them but here are recordings of a few! Enjoy

Henry - Xbox

Justin - Dis Be Foods

Kai - I Like Climbing Trees

Molly - Dancing My Heart Out

Noah - Magician

Alfie - I Dont Know

Cody - I like Pancakes

Joel - Snow Storm

Damon - Lost in the Woods


The Start Line - Tuition sheet

Students have been playing along to The Start Line in their lesson here is a PDF if you loose the sheet TheStartLine.pdf
Ive set a homework to write a short song about a hobby or something they like doing! using simple ideas are repeating them to make a song structure

The Start Line - first review, Nightshift Read here or click the Review TAB
"this is a fine, sometimes excellent, varied album from a singer and songwriter whose honesty might lead to the odd clumsy moment but one who more than so many deserves to be heard."

The Start Line - Radio play, and short interview, BBC Oxford

LISTEN HERE (check it out at 37mins) Trev


Jericho Tavern 8th June (Election Special!)
Tandem Festival 16th June
Faringdon Peace Fete 1st July
Riverside Festival 29th July

The Start Line, The Second Album

Keep an eye out for Updates Release May 2017
Launch Sat 20th May Whitstock Festival, Harliquin Rugby club
Mad Hatter Wed 24th May Oxford


Students have a new song sheet to play with over half term. You can download it here 7Songs. Ive made some tuition videos to play along to and help at home, I hope they are useful!

Check out the Tuition TAB for Tuition Videos


Ive also asked students to try and write a short song of their own
It needs to have a few words and at least 2x chords.. make it simple! Heres a video to help if you get stuck :

We Will Wake - Music Video

LOTS more happen in 2016..

NEWS 2016