NEW Trev's Introduction to Guitar Course

This course is for Beginners of any age,
Those who have never picked up a guitar before,
or those wishing to brush off some old skills and recap.

Intermediate players will still get some useful pointers from the course too.
The whole course is around an hour, and should be done every day for a week.

It is useful to watch the lessons with a guitar at hand
Do replay any parts of the lessons when needed.
I hope you enjoy it! Trev

Course Outline video

Lesson 1

Outline parts of your guitar
Introduction to different types of Guitars
Introduction to tuning
Em chord

Lesson 2

First Chords
Em, A, D, G
First Songs

Lesson 3

Recap of Chords
Introducing Rhythm
Basic patterns
Bug Rhythms
C Chord

Lesson 4

Introduction to
Notation, TAB, Chord sheets..
Which direction is for you
Which books to get

Lesson 5

Scales and Techniques
E Pentatonic minor, C major
A Pentatonic minor scales
Guitar Techniques
Bends, Hammer ons, Pull offs,
Slides, Harmonics

Lesson 6

Recap Chords Em , A, D, G, C,
More Chords
E, Am, B7
More difficult Songs
Introduction to Songwriting
Introduction to Barre Chords
F Chord
Wild Thing

Lesson 7

Introduction to the The Blues
12 Bar Blues in A
A Pentatonic minor Blues scale
Johnny B Goode
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