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Trinity Digital Exams

I am doing a variety of exams with ABRSM, mocks and now Trinity Online exams. Look in Guitar for some resources, here is info for PIANO and GUITAR exams :

Introduction to Guitar Course

Thats right a complete introduction to all the basics of guitar playing! This set of lessons go live every day in Half Term February 2021 from Saturday 13th. Follow on My YOUTUBE Channel at 9am every day or come back here and click on Tuition^Guitar

Singalong with Trev

I am running NEW sessions for young Kids and Also All age Beatles. click on Tuition^SingAlong with Trev

February UPDATE

I hope you like the new website!
Please do drop me a message if you'd like to see anything here. I am keen to create new content for my students and for people who have more need for music in Lockdown

New Year and Christmas Gift Offer (ends 31st Jan)

If you are stuck for ideas I'm now offering Lessons as gifts, its a perfect time to learn an instrument so why not gift an online lesson or a few to a friend in Piano, Guitar or Singing?.. £10 for a 30min lesson gift (normally £17), or 3 for 2 if you want to treat someone (or yourself!) to get started in the New Year!. Drop me a message and do check out my new Album Fall into Place on Spotify Now! Keep Singing, all the best Trev


Current rates are as follows 2021 I have kept these in line with MU rates
Private £17 per 30mins
Private £11 per 20mins
When COVID eases I also ran Guitar lessons group, £6
SingAlong with Trev is currently FREE and donate what you can per session
If fees are not payed promptly I may have to stop your child lessons, please let me know if you are delayed paying to avoid this happening.
you can pay by bank transfer or paypal. If you require a letter/invoice please let me know


Parents and pupils please make sure I have an up to date email address to send the parent mail at the beginning of each term. This is my main direct contact with you, CONTACT ME. If you or your child are sick you still need to pay for the lesson (as I still have to be there for it, please contact me if there is a known/prolonged absence). If there is an inset day I haven't accounted for, or if I am ill, any money paid for a lesson not given will be carried forward.
If you are delayed in paying please write me a note so I know you have seen the amount that is still due. Fees are in line with Musicians Union Rates, please contact me if you require more information on this

If you would like me to teach in your school or organise a workshop Contact me

Music Practice

Practice is one of the most important parts to learning an instrument! have a look here if you or your child is struggling..

Practice Books

Even in lockdown its great to keep a record of practice in a book. I write in the red Practice Book every lesson (you and your child can write in it as well). Please circle the practice book when you practice. Aim for 3 days a week if possible. practising for a short time regularly is better than a lot in one go. When encouraging practice it is good to try and do a bit of 'hard work' reading notes, and a bit of 'fun playing' chords and songs! Mixing both makes practice more effective. Please ensure your child circle/tick in the red book when they practice, I can reinforce this in their lesson to encourage regular practice. I will check most weeks as a few parents have given feedback about practice being hard to encourage sometimes at home.

Well done to every pupil that managed to get 3 or more practices this week!!

Get your Guitar OUT!

when you get home from a lesson get your guitar out of its case right away! (check the tuning if you can also) Even if you don't have a guitar stand, having a guitar which is out of it's case is much more appealing to play for a short time.

Pick and Mix!

Try practicing, a piece you know well, an easy piece, your newest piece, a scale, a chord, a difficult piece, your newest piece, your oldest piece, a song you can sing, a piece you've made yourself, a piece you can play fast, a chord change, a piece you know off by heart, a strumming rhythm....
Theres lots to choose from, let me know if you think of any more!..

Books and New guitars

A few people have recommended as a good place to buy online music books.


NOTE - new students will need to get their own guitar, or have access to one for practice at home. I do have a spare for lessons

When buying a first guitar don't spend too much, try and get a 3/4 size guitar if your child is primary age. Full size guitars are fine for teenagers, adults and bigger children. 1/2 size guitars are good for infants but they soon grow out of these. If in doubt go into a shop and try one. Ebay often has second hand guitars if you cannot get to a shop easily

** If you have an old guitar you no longer use I can try and pair it up with a student do let me know if you have one and I'll post any news here **

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