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New Year and Christmas Gift Offer (ends 31st Jan)

If you are stuck for ideas I'm now offering Lessons as gifts, its a perfect time to learn an instrument so why not gift an online lesson or a few to a friend in Piano, Guitar or Singing?.. £10 for a 30min lesson gift (normally £17), or 3 for 2 if you want to treat someone (or yourself!) to get started in the New Year!. Drop me a message and do check out my new Album Fall into Place on Spotify Now! Keep Singing, all the best Trev

Up to date information is posted here about tuition, please check back regularly if you need information about lessons.

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Welcome to the Lockdown lessons!, Here you will find some lessons for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, Drums and Singing. PLUS Songwriting and Theory lessons added.. I hope you find these helpful and fun! I am also NOW set up teaching online with ZOOM, if you want to have a lesson or to gift a lesson to a friend on any of the instruments please let me know by Email

Music is great for so many reasons, and the guitar is a wonderful instrument to learn to play. My main job is teaching guitar, most of the information here is for Guitar tuition, as that is the majority of my work but i also teach but I also teach piano, singing Ukulele, and have taught therapeutic music and workshops to a variety of different groups. If you would like lessons please read this page before you contact me.

Welcome to all new students, I hope you find this page useful. The Table of contents should make it easier to find the information you need quickly, or do scroll down to view the whole page as normal. Please use the contact form to give any feedback or to ask questions. I read all of your comments, fill in a Parent Feedback Form if you have time, suggestions and feedback are very welcome!

Parents please remember to look in the practice book for both tips on pieces and fees due.

Tuition NEWS updated December 2020

Christmas Gift Offer (ends 31st Dec)

If you are stuck for ideas I'm now offering Lessons as gifts, its a perfect time to learn an instrument so why not gift an online lesson or a few to a friend in 🎹Piano, Guitar or Singing?.. £10 for a 30min lesson gift (normally £17), or 3 for 2 if you want to treat someone (or yourself!) to get started in the New Year!. Drop me a message and do check out my new Album Fall into Place on Spotify Now! Keep Singing, all the best Trev

Donate and Support

If you would like to donate to support my online lessons I appretiate it click here : DONATE and Support


Schools are still working out how best to go back within the new guidelines. I will have a mix of Online Teaching and hopfully have some face to face teaching in certian locations please check back and I will send a parent mail soon. Also get in touch perticulalry if you would like online lessons in daytime slots!

No Teaching in November / start of December

My current plan is to take November off teaching to write and retreat. I will put some Christmas resources here before I do (they are up now!), I also hope to offer some tuition in October Half term if pupils want this please let me know.
2021 is back to normal timetable

Now I have quite a few lessons I am currently re-filing and creating an index, do scroll down to find more videos for your instrument, or if you cant find something look on youtube or send me a message
Do look on the Media tab for other tuition videos..


I will put worksheets HERE for if you loose them in your lesson,

Lost the sheet?!.. CLICK to download the .pdf

BLUES IN A and SONGS and Riffs sheet 2Download here

SONGS AND RIFFS sheet 1Download here

UKE BOOKLET, used in Class UKE lessons in Watchfield Download here

SONG Sheet 2018 (Harry Potter) TABSandSONGS2018.pdf

PANTO 2020 Tuition sheet

I hope students have enjoyed this years panto sheet! :)


download the worksheet if you have lost it!


Songwriting - Your first song

The worksheet is here yoursongworksheet.pdf

Half Term BUGS, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells

Here is the half term sheet if you lost it! HalfTermWinter2017.pdf

Panto! Music sheet 2019


The Start Line

Students have been playing along to The Start Line in their lesson here is a PDF if you loose the sheet TheStartLine.pdf



Songswesing.html is a page I put links to songs we are singing/using in lessons! you can of course ask your parent to search the internet for them as well click here


LOCKDOWN SINGING - introduction, breathing techniques and scales

Singing lesson 2


LOCKDOWN SONGS - Times Like These


LOCKDOWN SONGS - Rock around the Clock

Auld Lang Syne


Its Coming Home, Guitar Tuition Video


SONGS and RIFFS Compilation

My students picked their favourite songs to play this week on guitar.. Download the worksheet HERE TABSandSONGS2018.pdf


LOCKDOWN GUITAR - introduction, Prelude, Gmajor scale, Chinese Tune

Socially distanced Scales! GW1 and GW2

ABRSM Grade 3 Scales

LOCKDOWN GUITAR - The Star / La Bergamasca


Guitar - We Three Kings

try playing along with piano

Guitar - In The Bleak Midwinter

Classical Guitar - Joy to the World Grade 1

Classical Guitar - Legend

LOCKDOWN GUITAR - Frere Jacques / La Mantovana.





Daily Scales - Not just for fish!

James Bond and Song of The Mountains

Guitar resources and Tuning

Reading a chord box

Tune your guitar! with a tuner

There is also a good website to get the pitch of all strings HERE

Tuning guitar by Ear

There is a chart at the back of GW1, watch the video a few times, this is a difficult skill to master but very useful once you have!


LOCKDOWN PIANO - introduction, warm ups

LOCKDOWN PIANO - Old Macdonald, Katies Waltz, Hornpipe

LOCKDOWN PIANO - Drunken Sailor, Drunken Sailor Keep Fit

Piano - We Three Kings

try playing along with guitar

We Wish You a Merry Christmas PIANO TUITION video

Piano - On Parade

Piano Jazz - Warm Starry Nights



INSPIRATION!! This is the last gig I went to before the COVID-19 outbreak stopped gigs.. and amazing performance of Thomas Kelly playing Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto no. 1 with the Oxford Symphony Orchestra! Inspireing for pianists and musicians alike..



Download the booklet here


LOCKDOWN BASS - introduction, Chords Stand By Me, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


LOCKDOWN DRUMS - introduction to Kit and Djembe


12 Bar Blues in A

Now is a great time to have a go at improvising and making stuff up around the blues. Here is a video of Needing a Rest and Jungle (from The Guitarist's Way, Book One published by Holley Music. Used with permission.).

Play along with the tunes, and have a go improvising using notes A, B, D, E, G in any order. Add some more when you get confident!

TIP! try changing the speed in the video i like .75 speed!

Blues in A - Improvising

January is a great time to delve into the blues! This video is to accompany lessons and covers improvisation in A pentatonic minor, A blues Riff, Backing Track and Chords with fingering. Do replay the video if needed and play along! Enjoy

Lost the worksheet? download it here



LOCKDOWN THEORY - Circle of Fifths



If you don't have lessons with me already, great to see you here, as I teach music for my living, if you are able to contribute so i can keep making videos please do here on my website
FREE - here to enjoy but cannot afford to Donate, (Do leave a comment!)
£1 - enjoyed the lesson, contribution
£5 - used the lesson and got lots from it / want to support more
other - want to donate another amount to support this lesson or a group of lessons
Thank you so much if you can :) I hope you find these useful








The New 2020 Syllabus is now in use and I teach from these books, do look online for extra resources and I will put some up when I have time. Also there are recordings of the pieces you can buy from trinity. The information you need for the test is on the TRINITY WEBSITE
NOTE they have all the grade information, so just look for GRADE 1!

do ask me if you are unsure of anything.. AIM TO PRACTICE MOST DAYS in the weeks before the exam.. at least 5 times in the 2 weeks before. Practice playing in front on someone who hasn't heard you play (e.g. a brother, sister, visitor, even pet!!). Do your best in the exam.



Current rates are as follows 2020 I have kept these in line with MU rates
Private £17 per 30mins
Piano 1:1 20 mins £11
Guitar lessons group, £6

If you require a letter/invoice please let me know

If fees are not payed promptly I may have to stop your child lessons, please let me know if you are delayed paying to avoid this happening.


Parents please make sure I have an up to date email address to send the parent mail at the beginning of each term. CONTACT ME This is my main direct contact with you, and it is important you get it. If you don�t use email please send a note with your child! This is also how I let you know how much to pay for lessons. (I often write fees due in the practice book also) Fees are due next lesson/start of each half term. Bank Transfer is the best way to pay, please email to get bank details, Cheques (payable to Trev Williams), or cash in an envelope are also both fine. If for whatever reason you wish to stop the guitar lessons please give as much notice as you can. If a child is sick you still need to pay for the lesson (as I still have to be there for it, please contact me if there is a known/prolonged absence). If there is an inset day I haven't accounted for, or if I am ill, any money paid for a lesson not given will be carried forward.
If you are delayed in paying please write a note so I know you have seen the amount that is still due. Fees are in line with Musicians Union Rates, please contact me if you require more information on this

If you would like me to teach in your school or organise a workshop Contact me

Music Practice

Practice is one of the most important parts to learning an instrument! have a look here if you or your child is struggling..

Practice Books

I write in the red Practice Book every lesson (you and your child can write in it as well). Please circle the practice book when you practice. Aim for 3 days a week if possible. practising for a short time regularly is better than a lot in one go. When encouraging practice it is good to try and do a bit of 'hard work' reading notes, and a bit of 'fun playing' chords and songs! Mixing both makes practice more effective. Please ensure your child circle/tick in the red book when they practice, I can reinforce this in their lesson to encourage regular practice. I will check most weeks as a few parents have given feedback about practice being hard to encourage sometimes at home.

**Well done to every pupil that managed to get 3 or more ticks this week!!**

Get your Guitar OUT!

when you get home from a lesson get your guitar out of its case right away! (check the tuning if you can also) Even if you don't have a guitar stand, having a guitar which is out of it's case is much more appealing to play for a short time.

No Time to practice??!!

One tip to create time is to practice in TV advert breaks!. mute the TV in adverts and use the 3 minutes to practice. A few add breaks would make a whole practice session!

Pick and Mix!

Try practicing, a piece you know well, an easy piece, your newest piece, a scale, a chord, a difficult piece, your newest piece, your oldest piece, a song you can sing, a piece you've made yourself, a piece you can play fast, a chord change, a piece you know off by heart, a strumming rhythm....
Theres lots to choose from, let me know if you think of any more!..


If your child would like to start and hasn't, please do get in touch, I have waiting lists for most schools now and am set up to teach online

Books and New guitars

A few people have recommended as a good online place to buy the music books.


NOTE - new students will need to get their own guitar, or have access to one for practice at home. I do have a spare for lessons

When buying a first guitar don't spend too much, try and get a 3/4 size guitar if your child is primary age. Full size guitars are fine for teenagers, adults and bigger children. 1/2 size guitars are good for infants but they soon grow out of these. If in doubt go into a shop and try one. Ebay often has second hand guitars if you cannot get to a shop easily

** If you have an old guitar you no longer use I can try and pair it up with a student do let me know if you have one and I'll post any news here **

Sound files

My friend Oli Whitworth has recorded some excellent mp3s of the Guitarist Way tunes, I recommend buying these recordings to play along to.. here are the free samples from her website you can use to try! I sometimes use these in lessons mainly for timing. The link to buy is

Waltz from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music
Unaccompanied version
Waltz from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 "pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
La Bergamasca from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music La Bergamasca mp3
Unaccompanied version
La Bergamasca from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
Jungle from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music
Unaccompanied version
Jungle from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
Carnival from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 " pub.Holley Music
Unaccompanied version
Carnival from "The Guitarist's Way Book 1 "pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
Got the Blues from "The Guitarist's Way Book 2 " pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
Got the Blues faster ! from "The Guitarist's Way Book 2 " pub.Holley Music
Version with accompaniment
New World Theme from "The Guitarist's Way Book 2 " pub.Holley Music
Unaccompanied version
New World Theme from "The Guitarist's Way Book 2 " pub.Holley Music Going Home mp3
Version with accompaniment

Grade Exams

Update. Some exams are now going ahead again in Lockdown, message me for me information
I encourage students to think about exams, but especially with young children I do not want to push anyone into exams who doesn't want to do it. It is fine to work from the grade books and not do the exam.


Update. Due to lockdown I am currently not doing group lessons in the same way, I have been offering a music group lesson on Zoom which is a great way to share with others, keep an eye on parent mail for more

Guitar is popular so almost of all my school student learn in groups initially

Generally 1:1 lessons are for Grade exams, private lessons or SEN

SCHOOLS and Lockdown lessons 2020/21

If your child is at one of the following schools : Christ Chuch Cathedral school, St Gregs Primary school, Abingdon Dunmore.

As I can teach from home I am currently teaching a mix of inschool and online lessons, these are currently Sunday - Thursday. Please let me know if you would like more information

Thank you to all parents who have been flexible during this strange time of Lockdown and Online Lessons

I am away writing in November and the start of December, therefore there will be no teaching in this time


    If you want private tuition, I currently teach in Rose Hill and online on Zoom



    for more information.


    If you want private tuition, I currently teach in Rose Hill and online on Zoom



    for more information.

    I no longer teach for the Adult Learning service, (although I may set up courses with them at some point in the future in Rose Hill). In the past I have run groups in Wantage, Grove, and Cowley. you can enrol on there courses here : and search for guitar.

    I do teach Adults privately, although this is more expensive so not ideal for beginners or adults just starting out, also there is a waiting list, but do get in touch if you might like these lessons. FORUM
    (please Email if you forget the password, *NOTE the password is lowercase letters!*)

    My qualifications

    I have a BA(hons) first class degree in Popular music and recording from Salford University
    I have passed a PTLLS teaching course at level 4
    I have passed a DTLLS teaching course Yr 1
    I plan to continue studies working towards an FE PGCE/PGCE at a later date

    I have a current, CRB/DBS certificate 2020, and also have been in the past CRB checked for Berkshire and also for adults with health concerns
    My Last Safeguarding training was Jan 2106 at CCCS

    I am a current member of the Musicians Union 2020.
    I was a member of the IfL 2012 for my Adult Teaching
    My guitar assessment for Adult Learning received a grade 1. :) 26.5.11
    I was inspected for Adult Learning in an OFSTED inspection, for which my session was awarded a grade 2, you can read it here
    I have been employed by the County Music Service to cover guitar work in secondary schools in Wantage, Faringdon, Didcot. and also Stanford in the Vale (my old school)!!