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Students have a new song sheet to play with over half term. You can download it here 7Songs. Ive made some tuition videos to play along to and help at home, I hope they are useful!

Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Imagine - John Lennon

So Strong - Labi Siffre

Happy - Pharrell Williams


Ive also asked students to try and write a short song of their own
It needs to have a few words and at least 2x chords.. make it simple! Heres a video to help if you get stuck :

Auld Lang Syne

Christmas 2016

Children are now working on Christmas music, have a look for videos in Resources. Do think about encouraging your child to play you their piece/s at home if you have any visitors!


I hope students have a nice summer break! I'm not teaching over the break. Teaching restarts Private tuition w/c 5th September 2016. School Tuition restarts w/c 12th September 2016! If you get bored why not write a tune? give it a name.. see if you can play it to someone! If you are looking to start lessons I'm afraid it's mainly waiting lists so I encourage people to look for other tuition, but do drop me a message and I'll reply at the beginning of term. Thanks Trev

Trinity Exams

Trinity Grade 1 videos

Trinity grade 1 - 2016 - 2019

Here are videos to the grade 1 solo pieces, do have a listen! I hope they are useful. If you find more videos which help you please do send links and Ill put there here to help other students!

This years Oxford Exams are w/c 27th June - 5th July. I need to enter Students before May.
Practical (GBP)
Initial 34.00
Grade 1 38.00
Grade 2 43.00
Grade 3 49.00
Grade 4 57.00
Grade 5 60.00

I tend to enter students, so you need to give payment to me in plenty of time, I also Hope to be there for exams, although I cannot promise I will be there for every one. If your child is wanting to do a duet, they can play from the CD either buying a copy from Trinity (or they can borrow mine for the exam).

Students will need a Footstool and a scales book as well as their pieces book, they are welcome to borrow mine if needed

Guitar and piano TEST!!

Dont fret its just for fun, but please encourage your child to do the theory at home (they can use their books) and practice a piece and a scale for after Easter!

Tuition Update

I have taken over guitar at a new school in Littlemore : Emmanuel Christian School. Also my first ABRSM music exams passed at CCCS in Oxford. This is a different syllabus from my normal Trinity exams so Im chuffed too, well done!! ;)

Blues in A - Improvising

January is a great time to delve into the blues! This video is to accompany lessons and covers improvisation in A pentatonic minor, A blues Riff, Backing Track and Chords with fingering. Do replay the video if needed and play along! Enjoy

Lost the worksheet? download it here

Christmas 2015

We Three Kings tuition practice mp3

We Three Kings.mp3

If you have a scroll down to resources you will find We Wish You a Merry Christmas Piano video, and Jingle Bells Guitar video. They are from a few years ago but still should be ok for you to help at home!

Winter Half term - James Bond and Song of The Mountains


TEACHING 2015/16

Teaching restarts W/C 7th September 2015. Private tuition may restart earlier. If you would like to enquire about lessons please do contact, I will respond to all queries before the start of term (and normally sooner!). Students please look for the HAPPY tuition video (by Pharrell Williams) and do remember to play a bit over the summer break! Resources

Teaching Summer term

I am doing reports and exams this term.
If you want to put your child down for next term please do Contact me before summer break, also I am taking on a few Y6 for follow up tuition and might have space for an adult or two in Rose Hill so please get in touch if you are interested!

Evaluation and end of year reports

I plan to give brief (a couple of lines) as a report and end of the year, this is normally in practice book and will say something your child is doing well and something they can improve next year, or indeed if they go to another tutor. As ever please encourage your child to practice at least 3 times a week for 10 mins as this is the most important key to progress in their instrument!


I have given students a sheet called ROCK GUITAR. It introduced TAB which is really useful for guitarists as well as notation (numbers on lines). Do help your child search for a song they like online in TAB as it can make the whole learning experience loads more fun when they can play stuff they are particularly into.. the internet is a great tool for this. There isnt loads of lesson time for this, so if a piece is too difficult or not legible its probably better to look for another one until they know more!



Pianists have a JAZZ sheet, and are encouraged to try improvising over Half term. indeed songwriting connects to this so if they want to have a go at that also they can!

2015 Tuition

I will be teaching at the following locations
Abingdon Dunmore, Abingdon Caldecott, Longworth, Christchurch Cathedral School, Stanford in the Vale (Private tuition), Rose Hill (Private Tuition).

If you would like to enquire about lessons, or for waiting lists please CONTACT ME HERE.

Im sorry to say tuition has now stopped at Watchfield, and Hanney St James, please contact the school directly to find out about the new guitar teachers there who I have arranged to take over from me.

Lost the sheet?!.. CLICK to download the .pdf

Thank you Watchfield

Thanks to Watchfield school who I bid a found farewell to after teaching guitar and Ukulele classes there for 6 years, I wish all students the very best of luck with their new guitar teacher next term!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas PIANO TUITION video

My first piano tuition video!

We Three Kings tuition practice mp3

A few students at Christ Church Cathedral School, and Dunmore are working on a three part version of We Three Kings (which I adapted from John Whitworth's version). You can hear a tuition mp3 here to practice along with.

We Three Kings.mp3

Half Term, Winter 2014

Who's idea was it to have an 8 week term eh??!! I plan to do a bigger website update soon but in the meantime please check out the G major scale video for some technique practice! and don't forget to get your guitar/keyboard out of its case at home so it's ready to be played when you have a spare moment in Half Term! :)

G major - Daily Scales - Not just for fish!

A lot of beginners struggle to use all their fingers, and it is important to develop these to get them strong. Also for classical guitar walking fingers in an important technique while playing the strings as we use our thumb later for the bass notes! To get it perfect is pretty difficult, but have a go! parents if you are able to check that would be amazing! :)

Start of Term SEPT 2014

There is NO TEACHING first week back to let children settle into school,

School tuition restarts MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2014

private tuition starts Tuesday 1st September

I plan to send a parent mail out next week. If I do not have your email address please do CONTACT ME!


I am now timetabling for September, do get in touch if you are interested in lessons either at a school I currently teach, or privately in Rose Hill Oxford, or Stanford in the Vale. Continuing pupils will be on the list already

UPDATE AUGUST, I am now pretty full in ALL teaching locations, so please expect to be put on a waiting list, and I do encourage you to look for alternative tuition also, sorry for those who missed out, many thanks.

there is NO TEACHING first week back to let children settle into school,

School tuition restarts MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2014.

private tuition may start earlier check back for details, please also check what day guitar/piano is on as My Timetable

has changed.


A fond farewell to Y6 and my other students leaving this year. It has been another busy year and I'm very pleased for so much music. Well done for all you hard work :)

Over the break please don't forget to play a bit as well as enjoying the break!!..

  • Write a song - if you havent done this before its well worth a try..

  • Play something easy for fun!
  • make up some Bug Strumming Rhythms
  • Play outside in the Sunshine!
  • play to a visitor at home
  • look at the tuition videos on here (theres quite a few!)

    there is NO TEACHING first week back to let children settle into school,

    School tuition restarts MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2014.

    private tuition may start earlier check back for details.

    Music Painting

    A friend sent me this video, have a watch and follow the notes! A lot of my students want to draw pictures around the notes like this!!! have a go if you like ;)


    I am now timetabling for September, do get in touch if you are interested in lessons either at a school I currently teach, or privately in Rose Hill Oxford, or Stanford in the Vale. Continuing pupils will be on the list already


    Please email me if you havent received it


    PLEASE look in Grade EXAM prep


    Lost the sheet?!.. CLICK to download the .pdf

    Dunmore performance practice!

    Im very pleased with some Dunmore students, who have practice really hard for a performance next week! Good Luck

    HAPPY and Tuning NEW VIDEOS

    Tune your guitar!


    Please look in Grade EXAM prep for link to SCALES video and pieces videos to help you prepare. ALSO grade 1 videos can be found here.


    I am sending a parent mail around 5th Jan. If I dont have your email address, please Send it so I can keep you up to date with this mail once a term. If you have not received an email before I may have not written it correctly so please do resent it! thanks


    We done to all guitarists who did the test, you have 1 more week to complete the Theory test. For the remaining weeks we will be focusing on Christmas songs. New this year We Three Kings, also more advanced guitarists will have a selection. Here is the fun song Jingle Bells to try and home also! Y4 Uke class will be playing this at the end of term too!

    GRADE 2 and R/S grade 5 VIDEOS

    I will update links this week for Grade EXAM prep


    GUITAR TEST! this week and next there is a test for all guitar students! young students think of this more as a quiz but I will check you are practicing at home and feedback results to class teachers! good luck!

    Half term / Parent mail

    parents should now receive one email every half term for updates on tuition and to remind of fees due. Please let me have your email if I don't already.


    Thank you to Watchfield school who have pioneered the Uke classes. These have been going well for Y4, they should have a small booklet with what they've been up to to take home this week!


    Dunmore have an inset this week. Guitarists will have a SONG SHEET, look below for a video, and for how to play a chord video. Advanced students should aim to CHANGE CHORD!!! Also do look at the Daily scales video.

    Parent FEE/CONTACT reply slips

    THANK YOU to parents who have already returned the reply slip with Fee method/contact email, I'm hoping this system will be easier for both me to inform parents when fees are due, and to help you pay easier also. as ever do give feedback via this site.

    keep an eye here for updates throughout the year

    UKE TUITION has started at Watchfield, this is whole school Y4 class, I hope they enjoy this experience, I welcome feedback on this also

    16th September TUITION UPDATE

    We are gearing up into practice now.. this week please look at DYNAMICS! there is a video HERE
    . Also an introduction (and recap) of chords and songs from last term. keep your fingers strong by using all of them!!!


    Tuition restarts Monday 9th September. This is to give children a week to settle into school. I'm excited to be running new UKE classes at Watchfield school this term.

    Welcome especially to new students at Dunmore. I now have waiting lists in other schools but do still get in touch if you would like your child to be put on it, or for Adult tuition.

    ALL STUDENTS will get a letter on their first lesson with FEES and payment methods, fees are due at the beginning of each term. Have a read and please get in touch if you need any more information after this about lessons

    I look forward to lots of music this term!


    A fond farewell to Y6 and my other students leaving this year. It has been another busy year and I'm very pleased for so much music. Well done for all you hard work :)

    Over the break please don't forget to play a bit as well as enjoying the break!!..

  • Play something easy for fun!
  • Write a song
  • make up some Bug Rhythms
  • Play outside!
  • play to a visitor at home
  • look at the tuition videos on here (theres quite a few!)

    there is NO TEACHING first week back to let children settle into school,

    School tuition restarts MONDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2013.

    private tuition may start earlier check back for details.


    UNFORTUNATELY teaching is stopping at Adult Learning Cowley, Stanford, Buckland, and East Challow. I have tried to maintain teaching in smaller schools this year but it has got a bit hard to maintain all the work locations, alternative tuition arrangements will hopefully be found for the few children this effects. Please do contact me if you need more information.

    Adults I will post news of any new classes through the service but do keep an eye on the Adult Learning website too. I have enjoyed working for Adult Learning over the last few years I've been there in Wantage, Grove and Oxford. I may set up classes there again at a future point...

    I currently teach in the following schools:
    Abingdon Dunmore, Abingdon Caldecott, Watchfield, Longworth, Hanney St James, Fitzwarren and also privately in Stanford in the Vale and East Oxford.

    Enjoy the heatwave! see you in September

    Final Fees

    drawing to the end of year please can parents make sure they are up to date with FEES.. Chasing Fees is the least fun thing for me, and it is always sad when parents don't stay up to date. next year I will have a rethink and update.. many parents have expressed a desire to do bank transfer as opposed to cheque/cash, or indeed direct debit.. my belief at this stage is emailing parents may be a more efficient way of keeping up to date with Fees, and communicating to parents rather than the current practice book/late slip method.. please do pass on feedback (and generally) as I would like to hear your view on this. Thanks Trev


    ADULTS and CHILDREN your task (and mine!) is to write a song.. have a look at the video on tuition page here.
    don't make it too complicated.. you only need a chord and a few words for basics. Add a chord change if you are able to and verse chorus structure if you are ambitious! Good luck and I look forward to hearing some after the break :)

    Grade 1 PREP

    NEW prep for my grade 1 students, please loo in : Grade EXAM prep


    good luck to my students sitting SATS and other EXAMS.. please let me know if there is a lesson clash. students who miss a lesson due to an exam will be given a credit.


    entry for grade exams is THIS WEEK (3 May), please do contact me if your child in due to enter or you need information

    Faringdon Junior School Partnership music festival

    Well done to 21 of my guitar students who performed in Faringdon Junior School this Wednesday! My biggest ensemble to date of 17 Watchfield guitarists who performed an arrangement of Song of The Mountains and James Bond, and 4 soloists from Longworth who played to about 300 people!

    TUITION FULL for summer 2013

    I'm so pleased tuition has been so popular. I am not taking on any more students for the summer term, there are already some students on waiting lists, if you would like to be added to start after summer please do use the contact form.

    Adult tuition, this will be my last term for ADULT LEARNING classes, currently improvers is FULL and beginners has a couple of places if you are quick!


    Please look at and practice DYNAMICS and DAILY SCALES videos in Resources! Also as always do write a song to share in your lesson if you have time! :)

    Partnership music festival

    Well done to Watchfield guitarists, rehearsing a 21 guitar arrangement of Song of the Mountains and James Bond at school Assembly today!. Details of the festival are WHEN: Weds 24th April 2013, 6.30-7.30pm WHERE: Faringdon Junior School. You should get a letter also. Longworth are also entering some solo guitarists and I will be there for support! :)

    Amey Theatre Concerts

    Mrs Pattenden is picking the final performers for the Amey Theatre Concerts at Dunmore, Students should know if they are performing. Please note not everyone will have an opportunity to perform at this, there is also IN THE SPOTLIGHT school performances which are open to students when they are ready.

    Well done to everyone who took part! I hear the performances went very well! :)


    please do watch the practice video. I will be checking for 3 practice ticks in following weeks after feedback from parents!.. please remember to tick your book!


    there are a few performances coming up in Watchfield, Dunmore, Buckland and other schools.. please keep an eye here for dates and info.

    BLUES Half term

    students are looking at (or recapping) the blues this week, do encourage improvisation as part of their creative playing! for half term here is the video to accompany the sheet.. Blues in E

    SNOW - again!

    mostly lessons have run as normal.. so far some Y2s Dunmore, and Longworth didn't have music lessons so will have a credit to carry forward. If snow disrupts again, generally if the lesson isn't given a credit will be carried forward, but as I'm sure you'll understand I hope the snow clears up soon and we can get back to normal!! (as beautiful as it is!). If your child gets board it is a good time to watch the videos, Daily Scales, and Dynamics and have a go at these. Trev 21.1.13

    HAPPY 2013

    welcome to all new students and parents. 2012 was a busy year for tuition so I'm hoping for another great music filled 2013. Please do use this page to keep up to date with any information regarding tuition.

    Exam dates for 2013

    Spring w/c 18th March - closing date 25th January 2013
    Summer w/c 17th and 24th June closing date 3rd May 2013
    Autumn - w/c 11th and 16th December - closing date 27th September 2013


    I've been really pleased to see some more young guitarist perform in Longworth, Watchfield, and Hanney and Challow to follow next week. It is really special to see the whole school share the young talent.

    please do watch the video, and see if there are opportunities to perform either at school, at home, or other places! GOOD LUCK

    Workshops HERE

    I don't do so many workshops at the moment, I have done a few performances at St Katherines House in Wantage recently, but if you want to look here is more : Workshops and Therapeutic learning


    I'm putting this up now to give you all plenty of time to see it before Christmas Here are two tuition videos I made last year! I hope you find them useful..


    Daily Scales - Not just for fish!

    Blues Sheet Adult LEARNING

    Blues in E

    Autumn Half Term!


    NOTE : no private tuition, or Adult Learning classes in Half Term! look in RED BOOK for fees due start of next term


    Welcome to new Adult Learners starting today!! Please take a look around this site. Particular things of interest are Resources (have a look at the tuning guitar video!).. also the MESSAGE BOARD has a space you can interact with other learners! Happy strumming!


    Thanks for interest in tuition, I'm pretty much full now, but if you'd like to be put on a waiting list please do still get in touch.


    welcome back, I look forward to much more music in 2012/2013! Day to bring your guitar are:





    Please use the contact form to get in touch about starting lessons. I am not teaching over summer but will aim to reply to your message within a week, normally sooner.

    Longworth Piano Tuition

    NEW 1:1 beginner Piano tuition is starting at Longworth school this September, please contact for more information or to enrol


    if your child is staying at the same school tuition will continue in september.
    if your child is in Y6 and would like to enquire about private tuition please contact me
    if you are looking to start lessons please have a read through this page for more info Start Lessons
    and then contact me for any more information you need.
    Adult classes, please check the Adult Learning website for September courses in Cowley

    Grade 1 results

    CONGRATULATIONS to six Y6 pupils at Dunmore and Watchfield who recently passed their Grade 1 classical guitar exam! There were even 3 Merits and 1 Distinction, well done for all your hard work practicing and preparing

    Adult Learning class in Cowley on 9 July is POSTPONED due to the Olympic touch relay.. It is going to be the following week, 16 July, and the longer session 6 - 8pm


    Write a song! have a go at writing a song, play it outside! have a look at the Songwriting - Your first song video in Resources. Also have you seen the Reading a Chord Box and the Daily Scales videos?!

    Grade Exam

    All the student exams are on MONDAY 18th June in Oxford. Please look at the letter for your time, and talk to other student parents about lifts if needed

    Guitar Grade Syllabus

    here is a link to this years Syllabus : trinityguitarsyllabus.pdf


    Welcome to new students and parents this term. Please keep an eye on TUITION NEWS for more tuition updates.

    GRADE EXAMS - If your child is entering this term please email me a contact if i have not already got one to keep in touch in the run up to exams. The deadline date for entry is 4th May but I would like to enter summer pupils next week. Exams are in the Music Faculty in St Aldates, Oxford 18 - 23 June, (the exact days depending on the number of applicants they have but they will be between 9am and 5pm). I am able to come to give support on the MONDAY day or WEDNESDAY afternoon, but you need to arrange when you are able to take you child. The fee for practice exam is £35, you can either pay me and I will enter your child, or pay direct.

    FEES/FEEDBACK - please remember to look in the RED PRACTICE BOOK for fees due, and also notes about pieces, you can write me notes in this book and check practice ticks. Note this term is a 7 week term. Please do use this site if you need to contact me and thank you for continuing feedback!

    ADULT LEARNING DATES - Cowley, Oxford 7-8pm on 23 April, 30 April, 14 May, 21 May, 28 May, 11 June, 18 June, 25 June, 2 July, 9 July. I have arranged additional 6-7pm slots for the following dates 14th May (extra beginners), 11th June (extra improvers), 9th July (extra performance).


    NEW, you can now enrol for summer 2012 courses in Cowley, there is Beginner, Post Beginner and Intermediate. Monday evenings starting 23 April goto and search for guitar to enrol now!.

    Easter holiday

    WELL DONE Caldecott young guitarists!! who performed solos in front of 100 fellow pupils and also got most of them singing #thestar and an encore ;)

    over Easter students will have a sheet with Happy Birthday and Star Wars to work through.. if they get bored or finish this do suggest writing a song as extra! Thanks to parents for their hard work encouraging practice at home, it really does make a difference. Can parents also check they are up to date with Fees. Fees are due at beginning of term check the red practice book, and do please contact me if you are unsure how much you owe. Happy Easter!


    Theres some YOUTUBE videos of songs we play here : Resources, SOME SONGS WE SING

    welcome back Feb

    welcome back, I hope you had a good break, please check in RED BOOK for fees due. If you are paying by bank transfer or alternative please write in book or email me.
    This week is mostly NOTE RECAP, and book pieces. please try to get into a good routine of practice! short and often is best!

    ** Next week I am bringing in my Pick Punch!! so have a look for a piece of old plastic (a margarine tub lid, or an old club card, or even bank card, or similar) to make some recycled plectrums to strum songs with **

    half term QUIZ

    this half term there is a QUIZ! use the yellow book to help if stuck (if you want to make it more difficult try not using the book at all!!).. there are a few answers which are in the red book also.. *EXTRA* If you get time have a go at writing a song.. here is a video to help - Your first song

    Update 20 Jan 2012

    Adult learning classes in Oxford are now FULL :) Please do look at the tuition page if you are visiting for the first time (guitar tuning video is there under resources).
    some schools are preparing for performances in following weeks, Watchfield performance is for Y6 (and leavers) only this time. please look at the performance video to help. The more practice in front of people the better.

    I am not full time in any one school, so please do ask class teachers if there may be other performance opportunities I'm not aware of. Children who are on book 2 should be able to perform pieces from book 1, and many students will be able to play pieces from earlier in book 1 when confident. It may be possible to create a performance environment at home, or somewhere else if school is too busy!

    This is a fun video sent to me by the head teacher at Caldecott on playing together!!.. enjoy

    Welcome back

    Happy New year to all guitar students
    Welcome to all new students and a farewell to students who are moving away
    In the first week back we will be recapping book material (no more christmas songs!), and also looking at dynamics.. (loud and soft) SEE RESOURCES FOR NEW VIDEO!. PLEASE ensure your child ticks when they practice this week to get into a good practice routine, I will check this. Trev


    New information about EXAMS

    Christmas Performances

    Some schools have opportunities to perform some Christmas songs. It is worth asking class teachers if you can when ready, but is it also good to encourage performance at home over Christmas break. Make a 'stage' and listen intently. it's very good for students to develop performance both to small and bigger groups. see Resources, PERFORMANCE CARTOON for some tips.

    Week 3/4 JINGLE BELLS

    I'm putting this up now to give you all plenty of time to see it before Christmas NEW VIDEO! in Resources, JINGLE BELLS. Hopefully this is achievable for a lot of the beginners to play before Christmas itself. Those students who have had the piece already might like to think about performing it in class..

    Week 2

    Please can parents who haven't filled in a contact slip do so ASAP
    This term is 7 weeks, look in the practice book for fees due or do contact me if you don't know how much you owe
    I will be checking practice ticks, please ask your child to tick when they practice, you won't need to oversee this when they are in a good routine
    NEW VIDEO! in Resources, look near the back of the yellow guitarists way book for scales, p15.

    Christmas Term!

    Welcome back to guitar students! Hope you had a good break. Try to get into good habits straight away and remember to tick your red practice book when you practice.. I'll be checking this! Most students have a Christmas sheet and hopefully pupils who have learnt for a year will have opportunities to perform also! As ever keep an eye on this tuition page for updates. Happy strumming!

    Half Term

    It is a bit early for Christmas! but hopefully giving students a good few weeks will mean some of them will be ready to play songs in front of people around this time. The two songs I would recommend from Guitarist way when ready are The Star and Good King Wenceslas, and this will tie in after half term also.

    For students who have been learning a while, and have done the Christmas sheet before their homework is to write a song of their own for Christmas/Winter. There is a video on songwriting here, it can be a melody or chords and words.

    week 5

    Thanks again for feedback, I am finding putting weekly updates is working well so I plan to continue this. Last week students were concentrating on TUNING and CHORD CHART.. there is a video on both of these on this page. IMPORTANT tuning is a difficult skill so please don't worry if it takes a while to fully master, the main element for a beginner is to understand the string and the tuning peg, and how a loose string sounds lower and a tight string sounds high. Please look in the back of the yellow book for the Chord Chart

    update week 4

    Watchfield and Dunmore school now have a waiting list for tuition, the youngest age i would start tuition is Y2 although often it is good to wait till Y3. I am really please with the new guitarists progress, please continue to make sure they tick when they practice at home as finger strength will grow gradually.

    Schools update Week 3

    Welcome to all new students, and thanks to parents who have paid their fees and given back the reply slip already! Once again thank you to parents who have taken time to give feedback.

    NOTE about practice books.. I try to not spend too long writing in books in lessons so please do use the contact form if you have a question that isn't answered here. Please encourage your child to use it and check they use the tick chart to record their hard work!.. they enjoy showing me ticks when they have practiced! If your child is struggling with practice do remember the animation video below which might help. I have also found these recordings to help with the Guitarists Way pieces GW Sound Clips. Regular short practice is best to start with

    Caldecott Y5 and Y6 are away next friday.. if you have paid for this lesson it will carry forward as a credit


    Private tuition starts on tuesday 6th September 2011
    School tuition Starts week commencing monday 12th September 2011
    Adult Learning starts Monday 19st September 2011

    NEW adult learning courses are now MONDAY EVENING in East Oxford

    If your child would like to start this term please contact me in the first week of term


    I've written an End of year report for Guitar Teaching. Click HERE to read it.
    Have a good summer and see you in September! :)


    I am teaching right up till end of term (Caldecott have assembly on last day so will be week before for them). In final week I am doing recording with the students, so they can hear back their own playing. Please make sure they practice one piece to record (not their most difficult piece)! I may also bring in an electric guitar to show them..

    ** Please make sure you have paid outstanding guitar Fees, check in RED BOOK if unsure. If you child is continuing at the school I will put them on the list to continue guitar lessons, please inform me if there is any change i'm unaware of.

    If your child is in Y6 or leaving please do ask if you want a brief report about their playing before their last lesson.

    ADULT LEARNING tuition final session is 14.7.11

    Private tuition stops in line with term.. please keep an eye out for summer tuition availability

    Strike - Watchfield thanks

    Thanks to parents and staff at Watchfield school for bringing in pupils despite todays strike! some committed young guitarists there! :)

    Glastonbury - no teaching

    There is no guitar teaching Wednesday 22nd - Monday 27th AM, as I am off to Glastonbury festival to check out what the big bands sound like! please do practice in your week off remember the sheet also!

    Also Longworth guitar is on 13.6.11 MONDAY due to school trip

    AL assessment

    My recent guitar assessment for Adult Learning received a grade 1. :) 26.5.11


    most parents are efficient at paying onetime with the red book system, but please do contact me if you need to know how much you owe. I will carry any outstanding fees into next term and give a paper bill for those who forget to cover till end of academic year.

    Summer Half Term - Write a song!

    Half term, this half terms homework is to write a song!
    NEW VIDEO in Resources

    ECO WEEK - recycled plectrums

    School children don't forget to bring in e.g. an old margarine tub, or a yoghurt pot, or a bit of a cereal box to punch a recycled plectrum this week (23.5.11)..

    Pick Punch!!

    In the final week of this term I am going to take in my pick punch (it's like a big hole punch to make recycled plectrums out of thin plastic or card).. If you have a margarine tub/ old bank card / club card / similar that you child can bring in then I will make them some to take home (I will also bring a few spare for those who forget)

    East Oxford Private Tuition

    I have recently relocated to East Oxford, and there is a bit of space for private tuition there, please get in touch CONTACT ME for more information. I will continue the tuition in Stanford also as normal


    lessons are continuing through SATS weeks as normal for most schools, where there is a clash I will try to re-arrange time. Please encourage fun playing mostly if your child is preparing for an exam in school.

    NO lessons at East Hanney St James this week

    Longworth Y3s last week were away on a trip, apologies I did not know about this, but will give them extra lesson time this week, please encourage a bit of practice as normal in the gap.

    Summer Term

    Lessons start this week, the main aim is to get back into regular playing and practice (although some pupils will get new pieces also).. please keep an eye in their red book and make sure they tick when they play.. it is very helpful when parents initial next to the ticks.

    Friday students will miss lessons due to Royal Wedding Holiday!.. but please do encourage playing before next week also.

    TOO Hooootttt!

    it has been very hot and may well continue into summer, if appropriate you may like to suggest practice/performance in an outdoor space as a change.


    You can now download startingguitarlessons.pdf to fill in and hand in at the office, or Email me if that is easier

    Parent Feedback Form

    thanks to parents who have filled in a Parent Feedback Form. Please can you fill one in as soon as you can if you haven't yet! 21.3.11

    Adult Learning Update

    click here for current news
    NEW improver group is now full


    Students have enjoyed the blues and improvising, and thank you to parents who have given feedback about the video! This holiday i would encourage that playing, it links to composition also so if they get bored do suggest writing a piece or a song in their red book! Happy Easter

    Rock school

    Rock school, once players are ready and if I think it is a good progression also they can move onto Rock school syllabus.. this is normally at the point they get an electric guitar, are secondary or late primary, and have also been learning notation guitar for at least a year. Please use the contact form to enquire about this if it applied to your child

    why can't i just play fun guitar??

    A common problem at the moment seems to be encouraging all the different elements of guitar practice needed to develop. I love songs and chords, but as a teacher moving to this playing later is often easier than trying to regain theory or note knowledge later. As ever a mix of both is the ideal! This week we are doing the Blues and improvisation which is a different style again which I hope they enjoy! 21.3.11

    NEW blues video in Resources

    School performances

    Caldecott Friday 18th Feb, Well done to all the guitarists! :)
    Hanney, St James Tuesday 15th March, Great to see first time performances! well done
    Watchfield Thursday 24th March, Well done to the 21 guitarists who performed!
    Longworth Wednesday 30th March, parents welcome, Well done particularly to the young first time performers!
    Dunmore Wednesday 6th April, with other instruments, Well done to all guitarists at Dunmore and the guitarists who played in the new Orchestra as well!
    please keep an eye on site for any additional information, please encourage your child to 'perform' in front of someone at home at least once as a practice!


    thanks for your parent feedback, I'm pleased that particularly the cartoon videos seem to have helped children. I will make more in the future!.. Some parents haven't watched the videos so if you get chance please check the Resources section to see if they might help your child. I am also pleased that the practice video has helped with practice at home.. which i gather is still proving difficult sometimes!

    Half Term Worksheet feb 2011

    do as much as you can! Find a piece to share in your lesson, ask a parent to help you search for a song using eg google.. remember to put chords, or tab after the song name.. eg. search for "Twist and Shout Beatles chords".

    There are now waiting lists at Hanney and Watchfield schools, please do get it touch if you want your child to start after Easter at any school i currently teach

    Parent Feedback Form

    Can every parent of a current student please take a few minutes to fill in this Parent Feedback Form before the start of next term. Thank you for your feedback! 10.2.10

    KAs school, Wantage

    I am now set up to teach follow up tuition at King Alfreds School, Wantage. (East Site currently, please contact if you want more information)

    Performing video

    New video on performing is here. Do encourage your child to perform, some love it but many are shy. Short performances are best to build confidence.


    remember to check the red book! I have added an update here also Tuition Fees 26.1.11

    Guitar Practice Video

    I created this mainly to give young guitarists ideas to keep them practicing regularly, hope you find it useful.. click here 11.1.11
    Update, thanks to parents who've checked ticking.. it has made a real difference to some pupils as they are keen to show me how much hard work they have done practicing at home! 26.1.11

    Start of Term

    please check red book for fees due (or slip of paper if book was forgotten!), I'm going to check ticks for practice so please encourage your child to tick when they do.. I'm also hoping to put a new video about practice on the site in the next few days also..

    Adult Learning

    Important information on Adult Learning courses please read. updated 11.1.11


    School lessons start in first week of term, so remember to bring your guitar!

    Practice Tips

    New practice tips added, do please give feedback if you have tips you would like to share!


    I have just been told that due to government cuts adult classes need full numbers to run after christmas.. I'm optimistic that we can still continue our beginners and improver groups but please enrol early if you can. Also if you know anyone who wants to join this sort of group and is of similar ability to get in touch.. more info to follow 21.12.10

    End of term

    End of term is a busy time in schools, please keep an eye on the site for updates about guitar.
  • There are guitar lessons right up until the end of term so don't forget guitars
  • Please check if you have outstanding fees to be paid. and contact me if you are unsure how much you still owe. please send fees ASAP.
  • Unfortunately a few Y2s missed their lesson at Hanney today (7.12.10).. this was due to filming and play practice in the school, I do apologise for this and will give these students extra time next week.. please do encourage them to practice singing 'we wish you a merry christmas' over a D chord if they need something new!
  • Final week of term is fun lesson, Christmas songs, small performances and demo of electric guitar!..

    Christmas is round the corner

    It may be dark outside but this time of year is great to get musical! Look for The Star in the yellow book.. can you play it yet? At some point soon I will give out a sheet with some songs you may know as well!..
    Harry Potter, Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, Sponge Bob.. and more!

    Young Musician Event, All Saint Church Faringdon 20.11.10

    Well done to Samuel and Kieran from Longworth and Watchfield who entered. This is the first year I've been but I hope next year more young guitarists will follow their lead!!

    Practice! please ensure your child ticks in the red book when they practice, I can reinforce this in their lesson to encourage regular practice. I will check this week and next week particularly as a few parents have given feedback about practice being hard to encourage sometimes at home. 1.11.10

    Well done to every pupil that managed to get 3 or more ticks this week!!

    *new* I will be teaching pupils at Fitzwarren school after half term

    *news* Unfortunately there aren't enough pupils at Uffington school to continue guitar lessons there at the moment, lessons are stopping for next half term. please get in touch if you would like more information or would like to be informed of a restart date in the future.

    Please check below for Adult Learning Classes, and course dates.