Fall into Place Official VIDEOS

NEW Music Videos May God Love You / Anytime


May God Love You

Hide and Seek

The King Falls

The first video from Fall into Place

Greedy Pigs Official VIDEOS

Come Home

Do You Miss Me

October 2019, Thanks to Merlin Porter Arts for this video! www.merlinporter.co.uk

The Power

Crying in Silence


Slow Down

The Only One (live)

The Start Line VIDEOS

Here are music videos of some of the songs from the Start Line Album. I hope you enjoy them, Thank you to everyone who helped with them.


The Start Line

The Only One

Thank you to everyone who took part in the video!
This one is released for World Mental Heath day 10th October 2017

We Will Wake

Happy Song

Along the Way

Check out the new video, to raise awareness of mental health


Keep Singing

In The Dark


You Cut We Bleed



World Mental Health Day - Interview

I was interviewed about The Only One, The Start Line album and my experience of mental health for Channel 7

Look under the MEDIA Tab for more videos on Mental Health

The Start Line - Brass Practice!

Still Friends

photo Toby

photo Toby

photo Leon at RESTORE

photo Henrah

photo Daisy R