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Currently I work with Oxfordshire MIND and also Cornerstone Arts Center in Didcot. Please check myspace for workshop dates, or contact me if you need more information

MIND in Wantage July 2010

MIND in Wantage, workshop, Click to play sound file!


Court Hill workshop 2009

Court Hill workshop 2009

Court Hill workshop 2008


Court Hill workshop 2008



I have put together (just in time for Christmas 2008) a compilation CD of project songs written in MIND centres in Oxfordshire over the last few years (you can here mp3s on this page as well!). Tracks include songs written by MIND in Wantage, Carterton, Bicester, Witney, Kidlington, Abingdon, Chipping Norton, and Watchfield (Root and Branch), there is also a Christmas track and I'm going to stick Keep Singing on it as well :) To buy this CD please donate £5 or more (per CD) to Oxfordshire MIND on my justgiving page : www.justgiving.com/trevwilliams you will also need to Email me your address, and the number of CDs you want. If you try to order at least a week before Christmas if you want them to arrive before

If you would like to find out more please Email info@trevwilliams.co.uk

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"On behalf of Oxfordshire Mind, I would like to thank you for providing two enjoyable and fun music workshops for our Team Day last Friday. The feedback has been fantastic, and as usual, it was a pleasure to be part of your sharing of musical talent."
Lorraine Collis

"You provided a lively expression of the giving of joy and friendship to many Oxonians who are rarely treated to such an experience. You were enthusiastic and thoroughly professional. What a well thought out evening bringing beauty and sunshine to us, on behalf of The Archway Foundation, I thank you most sincerely."
W. Lipscomb, Social Programme Co-ordinator, Archway

"I think you did a fantastic job, I thought the structure of the sessions was excellent. I was impressed how this song came together, the way you did the chord sequencing etc and we worked on the lyrics over the weeks. You obviously know a lot about song writing! It was really good how you kept the energy up. Well Done! It brought some fresh air to our centre."
Jo Keats - Mind in Chipping Norton

"Trevor skillfully helped and guided the music group in Carterton, to create a truly beautiful and colourful song. The descriptive lyrics allowed us to visualise and feel the warmth of Africa and the warmth of friendship. Trevor is hugely talented musically and has a calm and gentle approach that encourages the best from a group."
Lorraine Collis - Co-ordinator - Mind In Carterton.

"Trevor was very warm and approachable and pitched the session at the right level."
Susan Woodward, Greenhill House

"Trev Williams is a gifted singer/song-writer and musician who imparts his skills with ease and generosity of spirit."
Deirdre O'Flinn, Mind in Thame

Synergy workshop

MIND in Witney- February 2008

Let Yourself Unwind
by MIND in Witney

Feeling down in this old town,
Life here is upside down
My smile is a frown,
Hum Drum, traipsing around
Dodging the crowd,
Escape to the clouds,
Life in Witney
Is getting me down

Let yourself unwind, try to free your mind
Let yourself unwind, never look behind

Windrush valley, feel the hush,
Not so harsh, donít have to rush
Walking in the green grass after the storm
Looking at a rainbow itís getting warm
Birds of prey circle over head
Buzzards soaring in the sun
Horses plod, cows laze
Ravens and magpies in the haze

Let yourself unwind, try to free your mind
Let yourself unwind, never look behind

Lying on the ground,
Escape to the clouds
Want to float away
Watching the shapes swirl around
Look at the serenity I have found
Nice and calm and peaceful
Meditating, reflecting
Nice and calm and peaceful

Let yourself unwind, try to free your mind
Let yourself unwind, never look behind

Let yourself unwind by Mind in Witney

click picture to play song
Collage by Jennifer D Parry : Mind in Witney

MIND in Bicester - February 2008

Jake the Happy Squirrel, by Causeway, Mind in Bicester

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group photo

Jake the Happy Squirrel
by Causeway, Mind in Bicester

Whilst people in Causeway look out
Jumping from tree to tree
outside St Mary's church
Hording his food for the winter
Keeping stocks in the garden

Jake the Happy Squirrel
Jumps from bow to bow
Not a worry in the world
Taking food to ground

Dangerous while he crosses the road
Dodging the traffic and the X5
Crows high up in the trees
ready to build their nests
Towards Garth park, a hallow in the tree

Ducks flying down chapel street
along the River Bure
Blackbirds singing early in the morning
Tree with Hallow is protection
Friendship, Security, information

Jigging about in the tree
Makes you bright and blue to see him
Causeway is the place to be
To cope and make you happy

MIND in Wantage - December 2007

Christmas Dream, MIND in Wantage

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Artwork by Jackie

Christmas Dream
by MIND in Wantage

Christmas morning
Wake up early open stocking,
Satsumas, Chocolate coins,
Sugar mice and candy canes
Pants, socks and spinning tops

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
May all our Christmas dreams come true

Bells calling on our way to church
Walking through the snow,
Frosted spider webs, be careful on the ice
Wishing everyone we see a Merry Christmas
Candle light shining bright, Around the church and on the crib
Vicar praying, organ playing, Choir singing, hand bells ringing


Stocking overflowing, Happy children, faces glowing
Christmas tree, present giving , Crackers, and happy living
Clockwork toys for girls and boys,
Holly, mistletoe and Christmas joys


Gathered at the table, Tummies rumble, people grumble
Turkey, nut roast, sprouts and spuds
Carrots, stuffing, and gravy,
Mince pies and Christmas cake,
Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, and cream
Now we're living the Christmas dream

Wantage Day Centre - December 2007

Thanksgiving After The Storm
by Wantage Day Centre

Sitting by myself, looking out of the window
A gentle breeze, rustling the trees
Sounds of the woods, mice and rabbits amongst the leaves
Dawn chorus robin and blackbird, calming sway of branches

Falling leaves, bending trees
Birds singing, just for you

Sky darkens, wind builds up
Watching from indoors
Some people scared, some of them excited
Wind through hair I feel alive

Flash, crash, fork lightning, thunderclap
Creaking branches, silent birds
Rain falling, pattering and lashing,
Swaying trees tap on the window, eerie howl of the wind

Afterwards beautiful melody, sweet smell of wet grass
Colourful glowing fruits , brown, orange and green
Thanksgiving after the storm
Thanksgiving after the storm

Thanksgiving After The Storm - by Wantage Day Centre

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Photograph by Margaret Tapper

MIND in Kidlington - September 2007

Friendship, MIND in Kidlington

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Artwork by Shirley

by MIND in Kidlington

Love, love, closeness of friendship
Freedom to focus on friendship

In the spring, yellow daffodils
New friendships, new beginnings
Lambs on the hills
Ducklings are swimming

Picnics, rolling in the hay
Boats trips, sunshine all day
An Outing with a friend
Laughing in the summer

Leaves on trees turn orange and brown
Friendships growing stronger
Daylight getting dimmer
Darkness growing longer

Bare branches show the year is getting old
But our friendships, stop us getting cold
There's Christmas to share
we're not left lonely or scared, because of

Love, love, closeness of friendship
Freedom to focus on friendship

Mind in Abingdon - June 2007

The World Today
by MIND in Abingdon

The World today, Yellow Blue and Green
If you Open your eyes itís there to be seen

The World today is full of confusion
Stop all your warring, live life to the full
Love and peace and happiness
That is really all

By the Thames in Abingdon
Where we often sit around,
Thereís Singing and dancing
While the sun shines down

Flowers blowing in the wind
Relaxing in the summer
Chilling out all together
In the cool breeze it couldnít be better

As One door shuts another door opens
Remember the good times forget the bad
Thereís always an open door
So please donít be sad

The World Today - by Mind in Abingdon

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MIND in Wantage - March 2007

Blackpool Rock, MIND in Wantage

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MIND in Wantage workshop

Blackpool Rock
by MIND in Wantage

Shaking at the Blackpool rock,
Weíre going to dance around the clock
Shaking at the Blackpool rock,
We love to jive, we never stop

On the coach to Blackpool,
Diddly de diddly dum,
Lolly and Lynne looking cool
Sucking cola lollypops having lots of fun,
Up the Blackpool tower,
Looking out to sea,
Crunch a toffee apple,
And sipping a cup of tea

Then the walk of fame
Watching cars and people walking by,
Like little toys they look the same
Under a beautiful blue sky,
Trams still running,
Sticky candyfloss, Fish and chips
Waving at the boats,
With greasy fingertips

Up and down the big dipper
Sliding down the helter-skelter
Illuminations are brilliant
Near the prom shelter,
Going to the jive,
Ball room looking grand,
Music sounding jolly,
Dancing hand in hand

Mind in Kidlington - June 2006

Tidal Feelings
by Mind in Kidlington

Angry sea, angry me
Focus on nature carefree

The sun is coming up, tide is coming in
Fresh breeze in the air, gulls are calling
Wake to the sound of the surf,
Shells and pebbles
Sandcastles' and seaweed on our day's outing

Angry sea, angry me
Focus on nature carefree

The tide has reached the rock pool
Sea crashing on the rocks
Buoys bobbing up and down
With the moving lobster pots
Splash, crash, dark clouds gathering
Splash, crash, tide is changing

Angry sea, angry me
Focus on nature carefree

Lying on the soft sand, feeling sun wash over me
Mood is getting calmer go swimming in the sea
Healing, soothing, relaxing find tranquillity
Enjoying time on our own, and sharing company.

Angry sea, angry me
Focus on nature carefree

Tidal Feelings - by Mind in Kidlington

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Root and Branch - June 2006

Secret Garden - Root and Branch

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Secret Garden
by Root and Branch

Far away in the countryside
With nowhere else to go other than to hide
Everything is nice, everything is swell
Stumble across a wishing well

Sitting in the garden on our swing
Quietly relaxing as we sing

Woodpecker, cuckoo and swallow
Down at our hideaway hollow
Bunny rabbits biscuit and Bee Jay
All they want to do is play

Children playing with a dragon
In the distance on a wagon
Fruit trees and mossy banks
All we owe them is a lot of thanks

Calm and tranquillity will never cease
At Root and Branch,
all we ever find is peace

Mind in Chipping Norton - April 2006

With Friends - by Mind in Chippy

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"It was a great music session, and I am going to miss the tambourine. Keep up the good work we had a great time. can you come back?" Caroline

"We enjoyed the music group imensely and were pleasently surprised at how our song worked out - excellent!! we hope to see you again." Richard and Margaret

With Friends
by Mind in Chippy

In the morning sunlight
Standing outside the church hall
Beautiful spring flowers
Growing around us all

Meeting friends in the usual place
Meeting friends in the usual place
Meeting friends in the usual place
Meeting friends

We always have fun in Chippy,
Safe and warm with friends

Up to the old mill cafť
Cappuccino and croissant for breakfast
Catch up on local gossip
Then wander round the market

Seeing friends in the usual places
Seeing friends in the usual places
Seeing friends in the usual places
Seeing friends

We always have fun in Chippy,
Safe and warm with friends

Banbury Young Homeless Project - February 2006

Banbury Town

Woke up this morning,
Feeling blue nothing to do
Nothing in Bretch Hill
Better than taking a pill

Castle Quay, hanging outside HMV
Itís a long time till tea
Head off down Spice Ball
Fed up with the mall

Got f**k all to do
Got f**k all to do
Got f**k all to do_____
Gotta be somewhere else but Banbury Town

Pot some balls, say hello
to the fat lady on her horse
Thought about going for a swim,
but itís boring
Then I thought the gym, but it all costs money
Mind at BYHP is free and funny

Banbury Town - by BYHP

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Some comments from BYHP
"Enjoyed Drums",
"Very Motivating",
"Got stuck into it",
"Song was cool",

Mind in Wantage - November/December 2005

There is a Haven - Mind in Wantage

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There is a Haven
by Mind in Wantage

Forget your troubles for a while
That's the object and the style
Where friendships blossom and grow
In a safe place where people know

In the Haven, Ohh
The journey's just begun

Come and find your space
At your own pace
Find an opportunity
Exploring life's journey

Have fun playing ping pong,
Or if you like a sing song
Come and see a friendly face
In this heavenly place

Learning how we can change
Without feeling strange
There is really caring staff
Where you can always have a laugh

Mind in Carterton - October/November 2005

Table Mountain - Springboard Table Mountain - Springboard
Click to hear the original song composed in the sessions

Table mountain
by Mind in Carterton - Springboard November 2005

Sunrise on safari, meeting brand new friends
Animals are drinking, kneeling by the lake
Giraffes are gently sipping, as the vultures watch
Flamingos are preening, preparing for a catch

On top of Table Mountain,
Sunshineís all the day

Storm clouds coming over, sky is getting dark
People seeking shelter, dogs begin to bark
Raining on the flowers, trees are getting drenched
There appears a rainbow, heat becomes intense

On top of Table Mountain,
Sunshineís all the day

Painting lovely scenery, watching Table Bay
Birds singing sweetly, animals at play
The wind is blowing softly, sunset, ending of the day
Natives are dancing, to rhythms they play
Sitting round the bonfire, on a moonlit night
Sharing food and friendship, everythingís all right
Dancing to the drumbeat, sparks light up the night
Oh to be in Africa, what a glorious sight

On top of Table Mountain, Sunshineís all the day

The Haven, Mind in Wantage - June and July 2005

Songwriting project

In the mountains
by Mind in Wantage - The Haven

Beautiful blue skies
In the countryside
Where the clouds float by
And the eagles fly

Down the waterfall
Beside a willow tree
Relaxing by the lake
And singing with much glee

In the mountains, camping by the elm tree
In the mountains my spirit is so free

The fresh air that I breathe
Makes me never want to leave
Sitting on the rocks
Watching fish swim past

Trickling water goes by
Sounds sweet as birds in the sky
As refreshing rain starts
Gives me a glow in my heart

In the mountains, camping by the elm tree
In the mountains my spirit is so free

In The Mountains - Artwork by Nick

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During the 5 Week project we wrote a song together from start to finish, picked the chords and chose the melody, and recorded it!

Songwriting project

Sound Clips

Pack up your Troubles & It's a long Way to Tipperary.mp3

Rhythm Game.mp3

We'll Meet Again.mp3

In The Mountains, Original Song.mp3

Some comments from people attending the workshops

"I enjoyed singing the Beatles"
"Very Good"
"I have enjoyed the meetings very much"
"I liked it all, I really loved it!"
"I think it was very good, the numbers that come in for it speak for themselves.. must be really good!"
"I like the singing"
"I liked everything"
"It was well thought out, and got me into the musical mode. Congratulations to you Trevor for your efforts"

If you would like to find out about having a project in your centre please Email info@trevwilliams.co.uk